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comprehensible, legally accurate and economic TechnologyDocŪ is your partner for professional documentation – from a single datasheet to an extendable and updatable documentation system. Information about the image, quality and guarantee is of vital importance to the success of a product. The key to market success is knowledge transfer, particularly with complex technologies. Only a person who understands is in a position to develop, produce and apply technologies successfully. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, high-quality personnel ensure legal and transparent knowledge transfer between developers, manufacturers and users. The liability risk is minimised, particularly in the Aerospace sector, by documentation which conforms to ATA, AECMA and GAF T.O. Our experts get to the heart of complex technologies, and produce professional technical literature in all common media, properly tailored to the target groups in language, word and image. You get a thorough overview of the entire product life cycle – from the development stage to production to marketing. You can use clear structures, transparent concepts and easily-achievable systems to produce efficient added-value information management. User-friendly information provides the best possible product use Transparent knowledge transfer promotes future innovation in product development Data which conforms to standards minimises the guarantee and liability risk Modular systems guarantee efficient and cost-effective updating