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professional / innovative / sustainable TechnologyDocŪ provides qualified technological service. Behind every successful solution there is an intelligent mind. We develop, design and document profitable solutions for renowned industrial companies and offer a professional service in the after-sales sector. The reliable mastering of technological challenges and the economical and practicable realisation of demanding projects is our daily business. Innovation enhances our lives. In this regard we optimise the existing systems and contribute creative ideas for new complex technological components. Our wide perspective allows us to provide decisive impulses and to offer trendsetting solutions in detail. In this way, you, as our customer, will benefit from our technological core competences and can thus increase your productivity or reduce your costs. This will make sure that you have distinct competitive advantages. Healthy progress without a backwards step For continuous growth and the expansion of our group of companies we place emphasis on economical social and ecological sustainability. This allows us to create long-term sturdy basis for profitability and prosperity. We are advancing step by step – with clearly-defined aims and with an eye on the future. This allows you, as our customer, to undertake long-term planning with security and establishes TechnologyDocŪ as a reliable partner.